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What is predictive maintenance?

In short, it’s a service that uses AI-based analytics to identify and fix potential issues in your elevators, escalators, and automatic building doors before they cause problems. Our predictive maintenance is called KONE 24/7 Connected Services.

The flow of business must go on

In an ever-growing competition and unforeseen mobility in today’s world, there’s no room for interruptions. And it’s not just about brand and business – steady people flow without bottlenecks caused by malfunctions is also about health. Ongoing pandemic has been an unforgettable reminder of that. By making your equipment work reliably even during the busiest hours and providing a safe working environment, predictive maintenance is a real game-changer for office buildings.


Fewer disruptions, better productivity:

Significantly reducing disruptions, thus securing people flow and enhancing safety around the clock – including busy peak hours.


Meet and exceed expectations:

By providing reliability, predictive maintenance helps you to keep up with the ever-growing requirements of modern business.


Prolonged equipment lifetime:

Tackling of problems reduces costly breakdowns and increases the lifetime of your equipment.


Time saved:

Automatic reporting, analysis and ordering maintenance calls means quicker recovery and less complaints from workers and tenants.

“Our office customers are really interested to see how their buildings are being used – especially during Covid-times. For example, if people are not coming back to work, it might be an early indicator that a tenant will resign in a few months. This is one example why the data KONE 24/7 Connected Services provides is very valuable.”

Olivier Champeaux, Director of Operations, KONE France

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